A new Korn Ferry study has reported that if not addressed then skill shortages will impede growth in the US economy by 2030.  It has been called a "potential talent crisis" by Korn Ferry's CEO. The impact could be a shortage of 10.7 million workers and missed revenue of c$1.3 trillion.

The report challenges employers to start to better understand how to adapt the skills and capabilities of their workers to fix these issues.  A previous post I wrote http://insights.tmpw.co.uk/post/102eqb1/job-market-disruption-2026-from-the-4th-industrial-revolution looked at a report from the World Economic Forum which showed pathways for existing skills being mapped to future roles broken down into job families. 

At TMP Worldwide our team of Occupational Psychologists are  working with clients on the growth mindset which looks at the whole person and their fit not just for the today job but for the changing job coming around the corner.