I know I’ve created a few of these now, but recently we’ve had a pretty big win when it comes to looking at job adverts, what they say and measuring the difference in volume / quality applicants.

It may not surprise you to know I take quite a scientific view on this type of stuff.

I then stumble on this article which tells us how to advertise to junior developers. However it’s not a massive stretch to use the same points for contact centre, retail or in fact any other type of role. Entry level or not.

In fact when we re-wrote an advert, improved the SEO, told the reader about the benefits and made it lot more challenging, guess what happened…

Fewer people applied.

Which was a huge win. Because the quality of the applicants was that much higher, we still made the hires needed.

When it comes to marketing roles, people often jump to post the vacancy absolutely everywhere. But if it’s the same poor advert, you can expect more of the same; poor applicants.

So here’s an idea… change the advert, challenge the reader and do something different.