I've always been a little uncomfortable with the idea of work / life balance. The phrasing of it makes it sound like work and 'life' are separate and you have to balance them off one another. But I love what I do and I have always felt very alive at work. Life happens all the time, including while I'm in the workplace.When Capgemini were recently included in the Times Top 50 Places to Work for Women, I noticed that they have a refreshing way of thinking about this. They talk about 'Work Life Harmony' which feels like a better way of putting it. They're very active about inclusion and a big part of that is having a culture of accepting the human shape of people's lives. 

On the Work Life Harmony page of their careers site, one of their Sales Directors talks about having a child who needs extra care, as well as having a demanding job, and how she makes that all work. She knows that she is part of a business that trusts her to deliver, which of course inspires loyalty.

Here are some of the other practices behind their success as an inclusive employer:

  • Improving opportunities for flexible working through our work-life harmony policy
  • Rolling out inclusion training for our vice presidents, hiring managers, recruitment and HR teams
  • Introducing a returnships programme to support women to return to work after long-term career breaks
  • Taking gender into consideration when succession planning for all key leadership roles
  • Refreshing recruitment policies to ensure an inclusive approach to hiring
  • Promoting our female role models both internally and externally
  • Inspiring our team members and school students with internal and external speakers at our employee network events