I recently attended a breakfast event where Dr Eliza Filby was speaking about the differences between Millennials and Generation Z. Here are some of my key take aways 

How do Generation Z differ from Millennials

They're more pragmatic – todays turbulent times have made Generation Z more realistic that opportunities are not boundless (like many Millennials believe) and that they need to continue to master new skills to stay relevant.

They're more cautious – growing up amid a global recession. Generation Z are expected to take less risks and seek more stability and security than the freedom and flexibility that Millennials seek.

They're also more money cautious – with looming student debts and rising house prices Generation Z are more money conscious than Millennials.

They want more face-to-face – Over half of Generation Z prefer in-person communications over instant messaging and email. Generation Z may overcompensate on interpersonal skills as they notice Millennials struggling. Because of how Generation Z uses and interacts with technology (using Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat) to communicate with one and another using full sight, sound and motion, they will be more skilled at face to face communication

They're More individualistic – Generation Z are looking for individuality because they were born social and everyone has done everything (at least that’s what many individuals social media accounts would have you believe), Seeking uniqueness in the brands they do business with, future employers and their leaders is a priority.

They're more tech dependant – Millennials embraced technology but Generation Z will be the true digital natives since they only know a world of touch screens, social media and apps. Generation Z has developed a much higher instinctual relationship with technology. Generation Zers were collaborating with Google Docs when Millennials were learning cursive.

They're more likely to be early starters – Many employers are predicting that more students will go into apprenticeships and forego the traditional higher education route.

They're more disruptive – what else would you expect from a generation that lives in a world that treats gamers like athletes and You Tube celebrities are rebellion against traditional media. Generation Z is a new breed of hackers, activists and entrepreneurs.

They're multi taskers – In school Generation Z creates a document on their laptop, reopens it on their smartphone while on the bus, and revisits it again at home while watching netflx. They shift from work and play, real and virtual in short intense spurts. Imagine how they will redefine the workplace with this type of workflow.

They're less focused – today relevant is constantly being refined and Generation Z lives in a world of continuous updates. Generation Z digests information fast thanks to snapchat and 6 second vine videos. It’s no surprise then that their attention span is significantly lower than Millennials.

They're more entrepreneurial – tomorrow’s high tech and highly connected world entices an entire generation to think and act more entrepreneurially. Generation Z desire more independent work environments. In fact 72% of high school students say they want to start a business someday

Of course everyone is an individual and different - it's a highly contentious topic with my colleagues Robert and Heather also writing on the subject.



Nevertheless its interesting to see some of the general shift in attitudes.