I’ve been working with data in recruitment marketing for some time now but not until recently have I really appreciated the full financial impact you can make by having good data at your fingertips.

The photo above is a visualisation of attraction data, whithin each grey bar is a number of smaller coloured bars which break that total number down by specific media. With a click of a button I can then see the exact same format but instead of applications, I can see hires.

And at the end of the day, ‘hires’ is what we’re all here for, right?

Ever heard the phrase "Data is the new oil"? Of course data is just numbers until it is refined, and that's when you gain the value. But unlike oil, data will never run out.

With the GDPR launch coming up there may be some scaremongering around what you can and can’t do with data – believe me I’m not going to go into that here. But you need to look at all the data your ATS is collecting, and get it to do the hard work.

Work out how to tag your advertising

Somehow you’ll be able to tag your adverts with a code, if you’re not doing this, do it. Now.

Don’t just tag the site, tag the specific media too

Indeed for example has 3 main types of media, organic, sponsored and 1-Click. If you’re simply monitoring Indeed but using all three media types how do you really know what is the most effective?

Set out with an aim

My personal aim will always be to attract 1 person for 1 vacancy. It’s the most efficient, yet entirely unrealistic. On the flip side, do you really need to attract 1,000 candidates to make 10 hires?

Use the data scientifically

Make individual changes so you can test and learn. Make a change, monitor impact, review, make a change… This constant improvement will drive your towards your aim.