Today is National Yo-yo day! As an HR professional if you don't have a plan for how you are going to recruit for your organisation it can feel like your Yo-yoing between your day to day and as soon as someone hands in their notice your being spun around by a manager to find them, someone, to fill the newly appeared gap. 

How are you going to do this with everything else your managing?

There are a few common options you could go for, 

  • Engage a Recruitment Agency 
  • Advertise on your own website
  • Put up a poster
  • Ask for recommendations from current employees
  • Mentioned on social media
  • Pay for media

All of these options come with more questions like, which channels to advertise through? who is going to write the advert copy? Can we afford an agency fee? What are the social media account login details? What new technology could help?

If you don't have a recruitment strategy or plan you'll go through this every time a vacancy appears in your organisation.

Another option is to use a single partner for all talent solutions one who can source and engage individuals like an agency or executive search firm, produce advert copy, promote through social media, create content and videos, manage a whole campaign, keep up to date with the latest recruitment tools and technology, recommend the best media channels and get you the best price to deliver a cost-effective solution.

This is why so many HR Managers and companies choose to partner with TMP for individual roles or campaigns that cover multiple locations and thousands of hires. 

Get your recruitment yo yo back to spinning! Learn a yo yo trick on National Yo yo day!