Well, when your gender pay gap is 43.8%, you've got to do more than just talk about change.

A move like this one may seem like a blunt instrument, but it may be what it takes to chip away at the deeply embedded societal reasons why the pay gap exists.

We saw last week the pathetic Top 10 Worst Excuses for Not Appointing Female Executives, among them "All the 'good' women have already been snapped up" and "My other board colleagues wouldn't want to appoint a woman on our board".

Having a policy like this flies above this kind of excuse-making. The business has been bold and clear in their message that they will not accept simply hiring in one's own image, putting the pressure where it is most impactful – on individuals – to think progressively.  

Women don't magically make it on to shortlists. PwC will need to make sure their approach to attraction engages women and gets them applying. And that they have a culture of support, development and celebration that keeps amazing women moving up in to leadership roles, where they can influence policy.