It's easy to focus on the noise around cloud, machine learning AI etc and over-look blockchain - the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Lots of 'cost' in recruitment - both time & money - stems from intermediaries verifying and sharing information between parties. 

Data validity afforded through blockchain could give both candidates and organisations more confidence in the recruitment process. For example, Blockchain could give all candidates a verified record of achievement, eliminating organisational concerns over falsified information on CVs.

What's more, university degrees would only be added to an individual's blockchain-based CV if the university validated their achievement. Organisations seeing this on the individual’s record of achievement would know it was a truthful claim.

More informal achievements could also be added to the blockchain via consensus between two parties, so a candidate’s claim that they had “improved results by 20%” could be validated by the previous employer so the new one had confidence in the person’s ability.

Once you start to consider what elements of the process could be streamlined/removed through a decentralized, secure & trusted platform, you start to see how it'll radically speed up the process and cut out intermediaries. 

My advice? Whilst already making an impact in Financial Services and Insurance, Blockchain's yet to real impact on HR systems. But keep reading and watch out.