A coffee mug that says 'World's Best Dad'?

A pub lunch?

An Apple watch?

It's a lot simpler, actually.

More time with their families.

That's the takeaway from some research carried out by Working Families. Their figures suggest that men are ready and willing to take a more active role in family life.

But with figures as low as 2% on uptake of shared parental leave by men, it's clear that we need to change more than legislation in order to give men a meaningful opportunity to parent in person.

Our culture needs to open up to the idea that men don't have to be the breadwinners and women don't have to be the homemakers, to allow people to play to their strengths and enjoy the roles they are drawn to.  

For Father's Day let's all commit to doing something, even a small thing, to chip away at some of the locked down gender roles that limit people's potential. Whether it's telling a girl she's strong and smart, or praising a boy for expressing his emotions, we need to start at the beginning to build a society with more opportunity for everyone.