The candidate journey and what they experience on that journey is becoming increasingly important. Here at TMP we’ve just completed a large implementation of a new solution. This included an automated application process, harnessing strong tech yet still having that personable engagement with the candidates. Giving them the opportunity to speak to another individual.

So it was with interest that I read this article that popped into my inbox. It’s from 2017 but the message still resonates. Get your journey right, give candidates strong engagement and a platform for them to feedback.

A strong candidate journey will help an organisation hugely. Word of mouth, especially through social media is a powerful and influential channel to engage future talent. It can enhance your brand and reputation whilst potentially creating advocates for you. Get it wrong and the negative “press” will spread far and wide. Quicker than you think as well.

Have a read through and if you want to chat about how TMP can help then drop us line.