The British economy has always been able to rely on a continuous inflow of high-skilled workers from the rest of the EU and the UK is currently home to over three million EU citizens. As a result of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, however, the image of the UK in the eyes of foreign workers may have become tarnished.

The UK has now become a net loser of talent as there are now fewer professionals moving to the UK from the EU and the rest of the world in the past year. With London feeling this most, being a target for EU countries to hire talented individuals.

This has also been reflected in a reduction of hiring across most of the UK since the start of this year with the biggest impact within healthcare along with declining hiring in manufacturing, Construction, Finance and Education sectors.

This is the impact of Brexit / Eu-exit being felt by across the UK by organisations and recruiters. 

How are you going to react to these trends?