We use language every day to communicate and express ourselves and we believe that we all mean the same things when using certain words. This can trip us up so easily in normal day to day business communications, just last week I got an email from my new boss the President of PeopleScout, she is American and she congratulated me on "client expansion" and I went back to query what she meant.  To her this was a new client, I would call it a new business win.  How easily things can go wrong!

In the world of talent there is a lot of noise about diversity hiring and this year with the launch of the Gender Pay Gap the focus seems to be particularly on hiring more women into many organisations.  This article highlights a very simple but highly relevant error that can so often be made in the recruitment process that reduces the number of female applicants if companies get it wrong.  

It is all in the words we use and how certain words disengage females when they are not meant thereby reducing the pipeline of great female talent.  Textio is a technology tool that reviews copy and text and highlights words that may not be the best to attract the best female talent.