Found this today, and read with interest. It ties in quite well with the other pieces I've found and my own commentary and beliefs.

Typically candidates simply don't read the entire job description, and if they do there will be some parts that they focus on, and others which they'll happily skip over.

This handy heatmap gives you an idea of what candidates are really interested in. Yes it was only 450 people that took part in the test, however I doubt if any more people took it the result would be much different.

Rather unsurprisingly the salary is considered the most important. Then why do companies insist on not showing a salary? I've often joked that 'competitive' is a euphemism for 'too embarrassed to say'. However, good candidates will read that and self select based on whether they think that is an appropriate next step for them.

Essentially if you know your audience you'll be able to write for them and give yourself the best shot and landing the right candidate to fill that vacancy.