Engagement in many organisations is an ongoing journey which can be rather difficult. Senior leadership teams want to improve engagement as it helps organisations in many ways.

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce sick days and absenteeism 

However the senior leadership team can't do everything, the biggest impact on employee engagement often comes from team leaders, managers and project manages. 

So how do you start?

First things first, what does your employee engagement currently look like?

If you don't know it's easy to create a quick survey asking your employees to rate their current engagement from 1-10. 

If anyone responses with a 1 or 2 you have some serious problems with engagement, likely needing help to fix. 

How to improve engagement?

Here is a handy list of lots of ideas to help improve your employee engagement, be it an open forum, having fun with office games, mentoring. It's important it's not just delegated and that everyone is involved working together from your new employees to the CEO 

 Whats the end goal?

What does our ideal level of engagement look like? which organisations do you aspire to? How do you want your employees to feel when at work?

All important questions to ask yourself, keeping the end in mind before starting on improving employee engagement.