High performing employees that stay must be an ideal goal for any organisation hiring talent.  This only comes from being in the resourcing world not the recruitment space (see my previous post). 

If you want to create applicants that know who you are, what the culture and values are like, if the whole candidate engagement process is a brand based experience and if the selection and assessment of people through the journey is embedded in these interactions then you are more likely to achieve the goal of having informed candidates that are the right talent for you.

The foundation for this is good job analysis that identifies the key drivers of good performance and shapes the selection process to get the right people through each stage.  The next step is having a robust and well managed Employer Brand that is well communicated and promoted in the talent communities that you want to engage with.  This includes a great careers site, strong and frequent interactions in social channels and finally a series of activation strategies that switch passive and active job seekers into genuine applicants. 

Because these people will be highly informed, having had a virtual relationship with your world of work then you will be well down the journey of acquiring that pool of talent that will drive business performance.

The risk is that the focus on recruitment, filling jobs with people that have chosen a pay packet not a company and role that is just right for them.