It was only a few months ago that myself and Dave Brooks looked at the pending release of Google for Jobs and discussed how it might impact how candidates might be finding your jobs (and your competitors jobs).

Now that it has launched it's time to act (if you haven't already) and get yourself and your ATS in the best possible position to take advantage of the new tool.

With 90% of job searches starting on Google I can see the release of the GfJ taking a sizable chunk of traffic from your existing channels.

I've also noted a change in the way that the results are positioned in a Google search. Searching for "The AA Careers" returns the Google for Jobs listings first above any organic listings, although paid ads will still appear first. If I change the search to "The AA Careers UK" the Careers site appears above the Google for Jobs search tool.

It seems as though a specific search will still allow organic traffic to appear higher in the listings, so it might be time to also look a little closer at your SEO situation.