The World Economic Forum has published research indicating that robots in the workplace will create double the jobs that they destroy. 

Interestingly, this flies in the face of the research by PwC which claimed that 30% of jobs in Britain were potentially under threat from breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI). In some sectors they claimed that half the jobs could go.

The report predicted that automation would boost productivity and create fresh job opportunities, but it said action was needed to prevent the widening of inequality that would result from robots increasingly being used for low-skill tasks.

PwC said 2.25 million jobs were at high risk in wholesale and retailing – the sector that employs most people in the UK – and 1.2 million were under threat in manufacturing, 1.1 million in administrative and support services and 950,000 in transport and storage.

So whilst we can be clear that increased automation will change the employment landscape with swathes of jobs disappearing and new roles created, it's anyone's bet what this ultimately means to UK workforce & employment.