Not Apple, Google, IBM, Starbucks, Costco or Chipotle. Well, not necessarily.

Bad news, perhaps, for those of you who have spent a lot of money on university fees.

But good news when it comes to social mobility. Increasingly, employers are recognising that there are lots of ways to learn, including non traditional learning. This way of thinking opens up a wider talent market to choose from, and could be great for your business.

In fact, my friends in the TMP Assessment team have been modelling a way of assessing for performance that looks beyond the typical measures to take a whole person approach. By considering passion, purpose and mindset, our model can level the playing field and give talented people a chance to prove they're a good fit not just for today, but that they can learn and grow with a business in a fast-moving world. 

We've done a webinar that talks about this model and certainly we believe that there are much better predictors of performance than achievement of a university degree. With successful, dynamic businesses like this changing their thinking too – it would seem we are in very good company.