Something we at TMP have been talking a lot about recently is Learning Agility and how important it can be for navigating work and particularly change. But what about Emotional Agility? Emotional Agility is about compassionately understanding and managing your emotions and the impact this can have on navigating your work experiences.

At TMP we are very aware of how rapidly the world of work is changing and have developed our Whole Person model to understand this better and to help our clients select and develop talent within this environment.

This article also highlights and recognises the fact that today’s working world is increasingly complex and discusses how flexibility in allowing yourself to feel and understand your emotions, even negative ones, can make you more resilient in this fast paced, changing and complex working world.

The author talks about showing yourself kindness for your mistakes and disappointments and how this can help you accept these in order to learn and grow as well as motivate yourself to improve further.

TMP’s Whole Person model has a strong link with this in that we use our model to help clients understand what this kind of resilient mindset looks like for them and their talent.

Maybe we could all benefit from more open conversation about our Emotional Agility…..