Cambridge University has responded to criticism regarding a lack of diversity at both Oxford and Cambridge institutions. 

The initiative is part of a £500m fundraising campaign to support students and to ensure the university was fully inclusive of the most diverse talent.

In what could be the next development in 'contextual recruitment', the "Transitional year" would give students, who show academic potential but just missed the university's high entry requirements, a chance to study. 

Announcing the initiative in a speech to university staff, vice-chancellor Stephen Toope said it was time to dispel the stereotypes of Cambridge “as a bastion of privilege and self-serving elitism.”

The news comes after Stormzy launched a scholarship that will assist two black British students in going to the University. 

Cambridge could not class itself as a "truly great" university if it was not open to wide social and cultural diversity. “This is not just a matter of box-ticking,” the university boss said.