Superficially this looks like a good news story but the headline statistics should be considered more carefully. Are they finding the right jobs that match their skills, competencies and behaviours or just finding a job that helps them reduce their debt? Do they engage with the employer brand and ensure that their is a cultural fit in an organisation where they will develop and grow?

Research like this is trying to do a ra ra for student recruitment but this is the start of the rest of their lives for these recruits and bad decisions could haunt them for years to come. My children are grown up and at work but neither received great careers advice at university, they were not steered towards roles or organisations where they would be developed and a great fit. Fortunately they have both landed in roles/companies that are right but not by design.

I see less effort going into the graduate recruitment market not more, it’s all about diversity (not a bad thing) but that’s just one angle. This is the livelihoods of the next generation we are considering so are we all happy that we are doing the best for them?