Unum’s new report has identified the four new types of worker that will exist in the future. The report, ‘The Future Workplace’ outlines the changes the businesses can expect to see over the next decade, along with how to attract and engage each audience.

Of all the trends explored (tech, flexibility, longer working life, and ethics), technology is set to have the greatest impact. While 43% of respondents thought that AI would benefit their current job, 55% were concerned that technological advances such as AI would lead to redundancies. Either way, the workforce of the future will need to develop a collaborative relationship with AI and automation.

The four cultures described are:

  • The tech-enhanced worker
  • The socially committed worker
  • The obligated worker
  • The self-fulfilled worker

Whether it’s flexibility around personal commitments, options for career breaks, or a career tailored to life stages and events, the report explains the key motivators that will help attraction and loyalty.

The full report can be found: https://www.unum.co.uk/future-workforce