Let's not repeat the news that there is a talent shortage! The stats speak for themselves and the candidate pipelines for many organisations just provide the evidence that great talent is not walking in the door. So what do we do? This article I came across from a US Search firm shares a number of ideas on what to do in today's talent climate but this section on social stood out!

Great talent is out there doing stuff online everyday, if they are good they will be unlikely to be looking for a new role but they will be running their lives on social media. Chatting to mates, posting images and watching video.  They will find and share content that they find interesting and engaging, the same can be said for their friends and colleagues.

If some of that "interesting and engaging " content is yours then you will start to become part of the conversation of great talent which is a fabulous start to building your pipeline. If you are on their radar then they may continue to engage and explore.  The first destination for many people  is your careers website so make sure that whatever great content that brought them to you is repeated and amplified when they get to the careers website. Don't disappoint.

Underpinning the website and social content should be a well articulated Employer Brand that allows you to bring to life the stories that will make great talent follow and engage.

There is no quick fix but multiple facets of a well thought out talent strategy that piece together to make a difference in today's competitive war for talent.