Don’t you just hate it when a 40 year old tries to describe what’s important to millennials and generation Z. A recent article written by an bright and articulate 16 year old from the US helps describes the views of generation Z in particular when compared to millennials (for the avoidance of doubt - this article well and truly highlights the fact you can’t group both generations together).

So what are the top 10 characteristics of Gen Z in summary

1. Gen Z always know the score - are putting everything on the line to win, with stereo typical mums and dads shouting on the side lines!

2. Gen Z are skeptical and individualistic - shaped by the behavioural characteristics of their Gen X parents.

3. Gen Z is financially focused - research shows 2 in 3 Generation Zers would rather have a job that offers financial stability than one that they enjoy. That’s the opposite of Millennials

4. Gen Z Is Entrepreneurial - members of Generation Z believe there is a lot of money to be made in today’s economy. Fifty-eight percent of Gen Z want to own a business one day and 14 percent already do.

5. Gen Z is connected - successfully engaging with Generation Z requires striking a balance between conversing directly and engaging online. Both are important, and they need to feel connected in both ways to be fully satisfied.

6. Gen Z Craves Human Interaction - as digital natives who are 'phone bored' Gen Zers are craving more personal interactions

7. Gen Z Prefers to Work Independently - while Millennials prefer to work in collaborative workspaces, this jars with the individualistic and competitive Gen Zers who crave privacy.

8. Gen Z Is So Diverse That We Don’t Even Recognize Diversity - To Gen Z, a diverse population is simply the norm. What they care about most in other people is honesty, sincerity and—perhaps most important—competence.

9. Gen Z Embraces Change - Compared to teenagers of other generations, Generation Z ranks as the most informed. They worry about the future and are much less concerned about typical teen problems

10. Gen Z Wants a Voice - Given how socially aware and concerned its members are, Generation Z seeks jobs that provide opportunities to contribute, create, lead and learn. 

The full article provides more colour to the summary above, but as you can see millennials and Gen Z are not a homogeneous group and have some quite stark differences in characteristics