EVP/employer brand is still number one in the list of ‘recruitment priorities’ (44%), followed by direct sourcing (41%) – number 3; talent pipelining (30%) – and number 4; succession planning (27%). Music to the ears of organisations such as ourselves from a partnering perspective and further evidence that the TA community is still doing all it can to become as proactive as possible in an attempt to leave the days of reactionary ‘order taking’ behind.

60% of respondents state that the level of recruitment within their organisation will increase compared to last year, yet just under half of all respondents are still sat in TA teams of between 1 and 5. A similar number of respondents (45%) are dealing with 25/30/40/50+ requisitions at any given time (echoing the findings in our recent requisition workload insight report). 

This remains a wider problem that many organisations don’t appear to be facing up to based on previous surveys. Talent Acquisition as a function is expected to work harder and fill more roles year-on year, yet team sizes remain incredibly small and budgets remain tight.