As Gen Z enters the workplace, five generations are set to work together for the first time ever. 

Dell Technologies surveyed 12,000 Gen Z secondary and post-secondary students across 17 countries. Results show they're confident about their tech skills but unsure about their readiness for the workforce. Meanwhile, senior professionals worry they’ll be outpaced by Gen Z.

By 2020, Gen Z will make up 20% of a multi-generational workforce. To succeed in the era of human-machine partnerships, business leaders must bridge the digital divide to unleash the power of a diverse and future-ready workforce.

Key learnings:

  • Gen Z deeply understands digital transformation. Today’s students have a deep understanding of how technology can transform the way we work and live. Gen Z wants to work with cutting-edge technology and is eager to share. In fact, 77% are willing to be technology mentors to others on the job
  • Gen Z is confident in their tech skills but unsure about their non-tech skills. Gen Zers are full of tech swagger, but they worry about having the right soft skills and experience for the workforce. 73% rank their technology literacy as good or excellent, but 94% have concerns about starting work
  • Gen Z yearns for more human connection. In-person communication is Gen Z’s preferred method of connecting in the workplace. 53% prefer to go to a workplace vs. working from home, and 75% expect to learn on the job from coworkers or other people - not online
  • Gen Z wants more than just money for its work. 38% want to work for a socially or environmentally responsible organisation