The gap between shopping for things and 'shopping' for jobs is closing. 

Accenture Strategy’s annual Global Consumer Pulse Research survey nearly two-thirds of consumers expect companies to create products and services that “take a stand” on issues that they also feel passionate about.  These consumers are also deciding which roles to apply for and which offers to accept, using the same decision making filters: 

- degree to which the company promotes a healthy lifestyle - physical and mental

- sustainability of it's operations and supply chain

- transparency and whether there's disparity between what it says and what it does. 

It goes without saying that when deciding on a role and an employer, young people are also looking for security, space to be themselves, and chance to do something that makes a difference.

The important point is that organisations cannot afford to overlook the power of this situation: consumers AND candidates who find the brand affinity they’re seeking won’t just buy more products, or stay loyal, but will actively promote them.