Well here we go into 2019 and the jobs market is still pumping on all cylinders.  The regular update provided by KPMG and REC is, in my opinion, quite surprising.  

Regardless of the uncertainty from Brexit and the political farce (It's like an episode of Fawlty Towers) that surrounds it, and organisations are still hiring away. 

“Whilst Brexit may be dampening overall business investment, firms continue to hire new staff at near record rates"

James Stewart, Vice Chair at KPMG

Worth considering that against the considerably backdrop that the labour markets are tighter and tighter: we are seeing fewer EU workers coming to the UK. There are many returning home or finding other countries in the EU where they feel more secure. The impact is clearly to make it a candidate market where the best talent is scarce and highly sought after.

Particular pinch points include somewhat predictably:

- IT,- Engineering,- Nursing, and- Care staff.  

Some analyst report that this is worst period of staff availability for 20 years. With the jobs market so heated, businesses across the country, of all types, are struggling to find work ready staff.