As the first snow settles over the UK, it's inevitable (and traditional) that people start to yearn for some sun and start holiday planning. 

For a few the choice is simple - a relative with a place in the sun or mother-in-law funding a family trip. For the majority it's an exciting (and sometimes bewildering) time where self-expression, wistful ambitions, family constraints and budget all blend. Sound familiar?

The travel industry has shifted from a reliance on big brochures and high street shops (according to ABTA only 17% of UK holidays were booked through a  retail travel agent in 2018, with 81% booked online) to all-year round programmatic advertising and social media marketing, together with influencer marketing and PR campaigns. And you can't under-estimate the importance of review sites and aggregators. 

Your perceptions of a location, an airline and a hotel chain is rarely based solely on personal experience - it's more a complex fusion of every reference to that 'brand' you've encountered. And word of mouth is ranked highest. 

You can see the parallel with employer branding. Only 3% of people are actively engaged with recruiters and at the point of job change at any one time. Which is why employers are increasingly focussing on building reputation, defining and clearly articulating their EVP and investing in staff advocacy, talent pool development and influencer marketing.

So where will your business rank in the employer equivalent to the 'must visit destinations' list? You can influence more than you think.