I read recently that 6 million vacancies go unfilled in the USA every month.  Organisations must be hurting really bad and suffering the financial consequences from not selling, not producing or not servicing their customers. You have to ask the question which is are there really that few potential candidates out there or are hiring companies just not thinking about filling roles in a strategic way.  The definitions in this article I love, the differentiation between recruitment and talent acquisition is more than just a game with words it is about a fundamental change in behavior towards filling jobs.

If the problem of filling certain types of roles does not go away then do something different.  This can be anything from a deeper and more insightful understanding of the talent audiences you want to reach and breaking down key motivators and drivers by target segment/age group and social group. From this understanding create specific messaging at a micro level  and then use the channels that will get to these people in place they consume media. It means that you move on from recruiting as you know it and innovating around the parts of the process that will make a difference. Make it easier, quicker, more responsive and use the best managers in the business to interview, be clear about the real skills that drive performance and select on those and finally see the challenge as long term and undertake longer term activities not trying to fill each role as it opens up but build a pool of talent for the future who may not even be ready to change job now.