The next round of iPhone devices are due to incorporate a third camera that is specifically designed to be rear facing 3D camera that will allow you to capture three-dimensional reconstructions of the real world.

AR seems to be the preference over VR after companies like HTC, Occulus, and Sony have yet to see the winder population invest in their devices. With almost all the phones that are used these days having a camera and AR capabilities it's not a matter of "Build it and they will come", it's "build it because they're already here".

We've been experimenting with AR (and VR) quite a bit over the past 12 months to see how it can be used to enhance clients brands and to create a more engaging experience with both potential candidates and those that are already on the application journey.

These can provide great attraction capabilities for events, but also for guerilla attraction if you plan the campaign well enough.

For me, VR has been incredibly helpful in taking someone and putting them into the middle of a situation that you wouldn't usually be able to and allow them to see what it's really like to be in the job.

The future of AR and VR in recruitment, and wider spread in HR, is a very exciting place to be.