1 in 3 employers feel anxious about filling specialist entry level roles, the Institute of Student Employers found during a pulse survey on the impact of Brexit on student recruitment.  

Whilst clarity is needed as soon as possible for a more realistic impact assessment, it occurs to me that the case for growing specialist skills early is increasingly crucial. 

More details in the article link but as a speed read, here are the main findings from the study:

- 70% of employer respondents said they did not anticipate that Brexit would have an impact on their recruitment needs.

- The data on their current recruitment activities backed this up with employers anticipating a substantial increase (18%) in the number of graduates that they are trying to recruit this year and a massive increase (47%) in the number of apprentices that they are planning to take on too.

- Whilst almost half said that they were concerned about the supply of talent with specific nervousness around specialist 

-   Brexit should be accompanied by a heightened focus on high quality apprenticeship and entry level routes to employment… This is imperative to support our UK student talent.’