A recent report by City & Guilds has thoroughly looked at the skills shortages in UK PLC and their conclusions are worrying and also challenging.  The fears of what Brexit actually means to labour markets means is exacerbating what is already a huge risk to many companies. The report highlights that we are 23 out of 26 in the ranking when you look at the investment by employers in skills development.  Despite these skills challenges 85% of the surveyed organisations believe that they will grow in the next 3-5 years.  

Whilst Brexit fears top the list of factors we cannot ignore that other factors are and have been in our control. These include increased competition, legislation and the education system.

Despite the doom and gloom there are levers that are in the hands of employers that can help.  instead of using Job Profiles that may describe the job they may not be simplifying the identification of competencies and behaviours that will expand the talent pool organisations are accessing.  New job analysis and using the selection tools that are now available (and have been for some time) such as Situational Judgement Tests, Motivational Fit and more immersive assessment tests will widen the applicant pool rather than allowing "killer" questions to take people out of the pipeline who are suitably skilled to fulfill a role.