Do you ever sit on the bus or the tube day dreaming about your perfect job? If I didn't love my job so much... I'd love to be a Barista serving coffee from the back of a converted Bedford Rascal van. It would have to be on a Beach Front - like Manly or Dee Why in Australia. I'd have my regular morning rush of commuters, followed by a steady stream of customers who I could spend time chatting with. Alongside great coffee, I'd spend the afternoons and evenings baking muffins, shortbread and flapjacks - maybe not Great British (or Australian) standard but fulfilling nonetheless.

My other dream job which I saw advertised a number of years ago for one of the Economy Hotel Inn Chains was for a Director of Sleep. The job duties include napping to test the quality of the pillows, blankets and mattresses - the salary wasn't bad either. And this is genuinely true - the person doing the job is called Wayne!

So when flicking through the latest edition of People Management, I was excited to learn about some other 'dream' jobs:

Water Slide Tester - In 2013 holiday operator First Choice received more than 2,000 applications for a six month contract as a slide tester. travelling around its 20 water parks to rate the pools and slides on offer. The annual salary was £20,000 plus travel expenses and the successful candidate bagged a week long holiday at the end of the role.

Lego Master Builder - With only 22 positions in the world the title of Lego Master Builder is highly coveted, but for hardcore brick fiends, the rewards are plenty. Based at one of the Lego Discovery Centres, duties include constructing attraction strategies, curating exhibitions and helping children create their own models in creative workshops. Managers at the Birmingham centre received over 7,000 applications which were whittled down to 50 people going through an X Factor selection experience. 

Netflix Originals Creative Analyst - Being paid to binge watch programmes on Netflix might sound to go to be true, with a team of 40 (also known was taggers) they are responsible for watching films and TV series and adding metadata that informs the search and suggested title algorithms. 

Nutella Taster - Imagine being paid to eats everyone favourite chocolate and hazelnut spread (unless you've got a Nut Allergy). The downside you would be providing feedback on the raw ingredients rather than the finished product. No experience is required but you do need to speak fluent Italian and be prepared to move to a small town in Northern Italy.

For now I continue to have a real passion for my role and how it contributes to the purpose of the organisation and its impact on the world of work.