The admission by the Metropolitan Police recently that it could take up to 100 years for ethnicity of Police Officers to reflect the community it serves is at the very least honest.  In my opinion this should be looked at through the lens of really understanding their challenges rather any sense of failure. For many years the Met Police have put huge efforts into moving the dial as their hiring has focused on community engagement and moving perceptions forward.  This cannot ignore the fact that the starting point was a very low mix and progress will be slow with incremental change year on year.  The area that is within their control more than hiring is inclusivity. Keeping the hires that come from ethnic backgrounds will help but losing them will just be a further set back.

A similar problem was shared just this last week when the Business Minister stated that Just 84 of 1048 directors of FTSE 100 are from ethnic minority backgrounds.  In addition she said whilst there was signs of progress of women on the boards of FTSE 350 organisations that the progress for FTSE 100 was below expectations and that they needed to step up.  

The Gender Pay Gap is a similar challenge. to the Metropolitan Police.  The data we all now annually report is a reminder that some of the underlying issues are decades old and will not be fixed overnight but that if companies address the root cause and make incremental progress year on year then we will see the position change.  

Big challenges are being tackled but don't expect overnight transformations.