In Belgium, Volvo is promoting its S90 model in an unusual way--it's getting the car to do its recruitment.

A Volvo S90 has been refitted as the "HR90," equipping it with artificial intelligence that allows it to interview prospective technicians. The car will be "recruiting" at the Brussels Motor Show in March, and will then continue with a tour of job expos, schools and Volvo dealerships in search of new hires.

Volvo which is hiring 50 candidates for real jobs in its Ghent factory and with local dealers asked candidates to submit their job application on a website in order to be considered for an interview. The car then quizzes them via image recognition, mapping and analysis of preset parameters, analyzing the candidate's facial expressions and word use in order to assess their knowledge, motivation and social skills.

Based on their answers, an evaluation doc is made by the car's A.I. and sent to the human Talent Acquisition team at Volvo. Afterwards, they are invited via email to upload more information about themselves and if their profile meets Volvo's requirements, they will be contacted for a follow-up meeting with a "human"

A clever PR stunt, the campaign is being pushed via social media such as LinkedIn in the hope of reaching as many prospective personal service technicians as possible.