Well, according to Nic Marks they essentially do the same three things:

1. Listen

2. Reflect

3. Provide insight into a better life

An interesting observation,  and makes sense for Marks' work in measuring the happiness of employees.

Marks says that:

- Teams with happy employees are 28% more productive

- People in happy moods are almost six times more likely to innovate and solve problems creatively

- Unhappy employees are twice as likely to leave their job in the next quarter

That's why Happiness (not engagement) is the ultimate People KPI. Marks' team built a tool 'Friday' which measures happiness as a weekly 2-minute survey. 

And, it seems to work. Friday found that bumping a team's happiness half a point results in staff turnover dropping 17.5% and productivity increasing 7.5% in that next quarter.

Unsurprising then that 10 of 11 'Best places to work' as listed on Glassdoor outperformed the FTSE 100 last year.

You can check out the list here over at Glassdoor.