Last week, I learnt two things about Anglian Water:

1. They'll never diversify or grow their product offering

2. They want their customers to use less of their product - water

Two things that are very different to the comparator* landscape of growth, new markets, new products, and scalability. Instead, Anglian Water talk about their vision to get talent through the door. It's really simple: to focus on doing one thing really well.

What does this mean for the new generation coming through? Anglian Water currently employ engineers, divers, analysts - and a priest! But, the future looks to be increasingly digital and data driven. In order to engage with the talent of the future, AW works closely with schools focusing on what kids are more than happy to talk about: poo. 

But for those already in the world of work, it's around purpose. 

Susannah Clements, Group People Director, said: "We do something that is intrinsically good, in the place where our colleagues live. They are part of that community".  

This sense of feeling good in lived and breathed within the organisation, too, with a culture of well being, support, and inclusivity.

You can find out more about Anglian Water and other #BPTW winners over at Glassdoor.

*At TMP we talk about comparators for talent, rather than competitors (who might have a similar consumer offer, but require different skills)