Many employers are still grappling with the basics of offering flexible working -  trying to package existing roles into more attractive and flexible offers to attract candidates in short supply - let along looking at how they can offer true flexibility to suit individuals. 

These attempts often fail before they've even started, either through over promising and under delivering on flexibility to candidates or by creating inconsistencies and animosity in the workforce. 

How do organisations achieve the very difficult balancing act of offering real flexibility to employees while still getting the job done?  It runs so much deeper than offering different shift patterns or allowing employees to work from home every now and then. 

It starts at the core of an organisation's culture and values.  Do you trust your employees to get the job done?  Does your working culture reflect your values and do employees feel empowered to ask for flexibility when they need it without being judged? 

It's so easy to throw in 'flexible working' into your job copy but what does it actually mean and how with candidates interpret this, particularly Millennials and Generation Z?  If you really mean it, you've got to live and breathe it.