In the current economic and political uncertainty, it's hardly surprising that staff recruitment - and investing in strategic initiatives - isn't top of mind for Universities. Whether it's funding streams, pensions or the 'B' word, we've certainly seen a dip in UK recruitment activity. 

But institutions ignore investment in their wider employer reputation at their peril. 

According to the Times Higher, they've seen a significant spike in UK academics (whether UK nationals or originally from other climes) looking at jobs outside the UK - a rise of over 30%.

And with China climbing rapidly up the ranking - and recruiting as aggressively as the rest of the APAC institutions - it's no wonder we're starting to frequently hear about large numbers of current UK-based academics moving overseas. 

Whilst there's no simple answer, the institutions that invest more in building and maintaining their employer profile and reputation (aka brand) outside of the UK - and ensure that their candidate attraction activity, careers website and recruitment processes are as engaging, visible and friction-free stand a better chance of surviving the talent drain.