Unique opportunity in the article below to hear from 8 Forbes Human Resources Council experts with their best advice on creating a positive applicant experience that keeps candidates coming back.

Why am I sharing this now? Here's why... 

“More than 36% of the university graduates and 68% of lateral hires do not join a company even after getting an appointment letter.”

HackerEarth 2019

School leavers are applying for apprenticeships at the same time as going through UCAS. 

There are elements of this decision that you cannot control (location, salary, parental/guardian influence) but one of the clearest areas that you can influence is their experience during the recruitment process with you. 

Here are the 8 tips so you can jump to to the one that interests you in the article itself:

1. Respond with specific feedback

2. Give them your time

3. Stay in contact

4. Utilize chatbots (we've won awards for the impact ours has had so let me know if intrigues you)

5. Listen to feedback and implement it

6. Explain and encourage

7. Communicate with every applicant

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