Sharing a well written, succinct set of steps for hiring apprentices:

1. Planning: Before you commit to recruiting for apprentices, you need to consider what your future workforce will look like, and how apprentices fit into that.

2. Standards: These have been created by employers, and you can access different levels of funding dependent on the standard that you choose. It’s important to look at the units within the standard to ensure that you can meet all of the criteria. Your provider can help with this.

3. Choose a provider:  The Find Apprenticeship Training website lists every local and national provider so you can choose the one that fits your business the best. If you need help, let me know. 

4. Check funding: The website will advise you what funding you can access to deliver apprenticeships in your organisation. It varied depending on your size and geographical location. 

5. Advertising: Your provider can usually do this but the ISE recently reported that only 30% of employers do so. A bespoke campaign that communicates your particular opportunity is essential as school leavers are bombarded with opportunities and often confused about what choices to make with their careers. 

6. Employing them: You will need to  make an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement with the apprentices you wish to employ. Your provider will usually help with this.

We have more resources here about apprenticeships and school leaver recruitment. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find other help articles, blogs, and papers. Or let me know if you have specific questions of course.