A 2019 survey of CEOs ranked their No. 1 internal business challenge as attracting and retaining top talent. 

At the same time, research indicates that 46 % of all new hires fail within 18 months and the costs of a mis-hire are 24 times salary. 

There is still an INTUITIVE approach to recruitment. Data and science doesn't feature strongly enough in many campaigns. 

I still see an ad-hoc mix of recruiting and assessment approaches. Recruiters and hiring managers are free to make life-changing recruiting decisions based on intuition, their experience, and vague criteria like fit, attitude, and engagement.

The most frequently used scientific approach in recruiting is measuring  'quality of hire'. But even that is pretty rare. 

Two sources of scientific based recruitment inspiration for you... 

@Google use an interview-question generator which allows interviewers to ask validated and job-related interview questions. The business impact of recruiting are also tracked, quantified, and reported to executives.

And the goal of @Amazon’s HR is to “Become the most scientific HR organization in the world.”