The skills gap is on my mind this week. I shared researched and shared a piece on the global graduate skills gap a few days ago. 

This piece, in Ri5 today, talks more broadly about the UK's digital skills gap.  

More than half of UK employees (53%) do not have the minimum level of digital skills, like using digital collaboration tools or managing digital records and files, despite the growing need for a digitally savvy workforce. Furthermore almost two thirds (63%) of workers have not received any digital skills training from their employers. This last part doesn't make any sense to me. Surely digital skills should be at the top of every learning and development strategy? 

When it comes to recruiting your entry level talent, they are the 'digital natives' of the society and perhaps that's why resilience is the number one skill in demand of today's graduates and apprentices. 

The other interesting stat in here is: 

More than three quarters (78%) of employees go online to help solve problems in their everyday lives, while only two thirds (62%) do this at work.

What's that about? 

- they talk to other people to get answers? 

- they don't look at all? that's worrying!

- they don't realise they should - a blind spot?

- they don't know how, is the suggestion of this article, which has enormous implications for individual and company performance. 

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