Structures and hierarchy are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Why? Well changing technologies, demographics and globalisation mean that the way we work in the future will need to adapt and change. Throwing away the traditional org chart could be a thing of the future for many organisations as they look to things such as short term assignments, business travel, global mobility they will need to consider how they attract, retain, develop, re skill and re deploy their employees differently.  

But how do we change our employees mindset to work differently to cope with this new way of working? Currently clear scope and definition around a role and our brains trained to think hierarchically means that there is some conditioning to do. A more flexible approach to working is required which in turn means that employees need to be supported, coached and enabled in understanding how they can transition on the journey to agile working.

According to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company organisational agility is a top or top three priority, with 40% currently conducting an organisational agility transformation.

With this in mind organisations need to do more to look at the future of their workforce in terms of how they develop and support their employees to adapt to this change but also how they attract for their future business model.