Wrestling with how to bring purpose into selling products is many modern marketers' grand challenge. Similarly, how to bring purpose into an employer brand is a recruitment marketers' challenge also. But are we thinking about it in the right way? 

A gathering of leading marketers unpicked the delicate balance...

Authenticity is a non-negotiable of creating believable purpose-driven campaigns designed to help future employees see themselves inside your doors, happy, fulfilled and productive. 

Your purpose is something deep inside your company, that is unwavering and underpins every commercial decision. E.G. Nike’s belief in empowerment and ‘if you have a body you’re an athlete’. That has been around for 30+ years. Or Tesco's realignment towards the belief that 'every little helps'. These have legacy.

This is the new brand differentiator. 


And so to stay ahead in the battle for student's attention, the formula becomes: 

Bring your purpose to life + show your legacy in the space

This absolutely on trend to hit the Gen Z sweet spot.  This is a generation who know brands, and believe in the concept of 'brand' more than any other previous generation. They create their own. They align fiercely towards or against them. They make significant personal decisions based on them. They are deeply suspicious of rhetoric or companies who say their purpose is to do good when fundamentally they are a business and their legacy shows this inconsistency. As Nadja Lossgott (main image), creative partner at AMV BBDO, says "they have a bullshit meter and you’re going to be called out" which manifests in poor volumes or unsuitable applications. 

If purpose-driven brand work is not done with authenticity, it’s going to end up being a cynical execution. Authenticity is now generated by demonstrating legacy. 

Changing consumer attitudes are influencing commercial decisions. Changing candidate attitudes should influence your recruitment marketing messages. 

If you have brand challenges, feel free to get in touch. The team here are on hand to share examples and help you navigate this new terrain.