The student recruitment world continues to be a fast-moving and ever-changing one! 

Face-to-face events are still highly sought after by university students and Careers Services. But how are you ensuring your events stand out and deliver amidst the incredible and ever-growing competition on campus?

There are useful insights in the ISE Annual Recruitment Survey 2018 & MyKindaFuture Bright Futures Student Survey 2019. For example, when planning your campus events, it's worth noting that over 2/3rds of all employer events take place in the Autumn Term.  On average, undergraduates are offered up to 7 opportunities per day to engage with employers. This 12 - 16 week window is as crucial as it is congested. If you want to stand out, 79% of students are motivated to attend if your event is creative and interesting such as a coffee shop drop in or an informal, themed networking event. 

At the event itself 79% of students want to hear about your values, what you stand for, and what life is like working for you. 

And they would keep coming back to see you (caveat: if the first event was good) were you to come back on campus again. 79% of students would attend more than one session with an employer. 

To what extent do you shape your face-to-face campus engagement around the target audience at each specific university?

I am co-hosting a webinar on Thursday 4th July at 2pm discussing how to make sure your events work in a digital world. Click here to register or receive a recording after the event: Click here to register!