Some interesting insights into how Weetabix have geared their culture towards line managers playing a key role in creating the right environment for their teams to flourish. 

On reading a recent CIPD paper around the theme of 'who is responsible for employee engagement' it is refreshing to see that collaboration between HR and the Line is working well for Weetabix. The CIPD paper cited ‘employee engagement is not a concept that HR can solely address; it needs the involvement of all stakeholders in the organisation’. 

All stakeholders whether it be the line, HR, senior managers, employees, have a role role to play in engagement. However the research states the importance of line managers as the catalyst for implementing initiatives but the process requires collaboration from all stakeholders for it to be effective. 

Some key takeaways from Weetabix:

1) Give your employees space to excel - give them autonomy in their roles, opportunities to test skills and develop.

2) Listen and Communicate Clearly - be open minded and inquisitive understand others and their work, let your employees have a voice.

3) Inclusivity - create an environment in which it allows anyone and everyone to flourish. 

4) Cohesion - ensure all areas of the business are aligned and that line managers support and empower employees.