Here's a question for you. 

What drives customer satisfaction?

Is it speed and convenience - McDonald’s, for example, recently spent $300 million on Dynamic Yield, a technology company that uses artificial intelligence to create a more personalized experience at the drivethrough. 

Other fast food restaurants are following suit. All of these efforts (which are just the tip of the iceberg) are being made specifically to remove ordering friction, which should—in theory at least—provide a bit of a customer satisfaction lift.

Google coined the phrase 'moment of truth', recognising that the customer journey has key points where consumers choose to continue or abandon their purchase.

Chick-Fil-A believe that an engaging, authentic interaction with a human being trumps (excuse the phrase) a slick digital experience. 

And - based on the responses from over 20,000 consumers -  it's clearly working for their customer segment. 

Lessons for employers? Don't overlook the human elements of your candidate journey. They may provide you with the opportunities to really stand out.