According to the IOD one in three companies are planning to relocate or expand as a result of Brexit. This appears particularly true for tech businesses according to the State of Global Expansion 2019 report who of the 500 surveyed 90% said they would be considering to expand overseas in future. 

So what does this mean for HR professionals? What needs to be considered to make international expansion successful?

Cultural nuances - these can impact considerably in terms of how the workforce can be managed. Taking account values and what workers expect from their role can differ between different territories. We need to be mindful and proactively manage this.

Leadership Development - having the right leaders in place and on the ground can be a challenge. Recruitment of those leaders who truly understand a businesses identity and values and how they are sympathetic to the locations culture is key.

Measuring success - assessing the performance of an international office on recruitment, retention and satisfaction, buy in to values and leadership effectiveness can be measures that inform growth but also inform future expansion.